Make It Hurt - EP

by Broun

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(free) 03:50


released April 1, 2019

"Homosapien" is a cover Pete Shelley's 1982 song. It's offered for free. The wonderful album art is "Graffiti corporativo" from Eduardo Regalado, and slightly cropped, used gratefully under a Creative Commons license.


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Broun Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Bill Broun is the author of the critically acclaimed novel Night of the Animals (Ecco/HarperCollins) -- and also a longtime songwriter and performer.

All music* written and performed by Bill Broun.

* "Homosapien" (as available) is a cover of the late great Pete Shelley, formerly of Buzzcocks.
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Track Name: Queen of Antifa
I read a bit of Paul Beatty
It was witty and it was weighty.
About a big sellout ...and ...
California’s racist redoubts

It’s in your town right now
Driving your city’s snowplow
Motheruckers highbrow
From here to Curacao

I met the queen of antifa
She was a regular Boudicca
Gonna punch the neonazi
Then drink a crafted coffee

To get my street cred quota
I just sleep in my Toyota
I’m waiting for my orders
Gonna dissolve borders

Proud boys and cowboys
It’s love that they destroy
They need their asses kicked
And their faces licked
Track Name: Death of Samantha
Oh, my sunshine, bring you rain
Can’t find myself without a stain
Burn the paper, burn the light
She’s queen of darkness, queen of night

Everyone’s talking about the death of Samantha
It’s like that vampire in the death of Calantha
Lord Bryon’s heart was a beehive Coryphanta
Wicked teeth like a hungry white panther
Track Name: Catamount Claw
You say you come to me with bells on
I see the ringer on your bike
Pull the branch where a dark dove dwells on
You say I’ll see something that I like

You come to writing class with winter-colored eyes
You say you’re an allegory for work
At end of term you take an incomplete “I”
A future poet in the works

Evil angels to and fro
Catamount claw is on the snow
What you give ain’t what you take
Catamount claw ain’t for your sake

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